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A clip of Thunder God performing song “Funeral for a King” (and experiencing some technical difficulties)!


666 Followers on Twitter!

The number of the beast! 666 followers on twitter! Thanks guys!

#thundercensus Katatonia vs Opeth

#thundercensus Katatonia vs Opeth

Top Cleveland Metal Bands on ReverbNation – 2013 Q1

Perhaps one of the hardest parts about being in a metal band is marketing the band itself. In the case of Thunder God, we love our music and know others with similar tastes feel the same way as soon as they are exposed to it. But isn’t that just the problem? It is hard to connect with the people you know you will appeal to if you don’t know who they are, where they live, and what dark corner of the internet in which they dwell.

ReverbNation has been an invaluable tool in strengthening old connections and creating new ones. It has helped Thunder God stay connected with similar bands, communicate with venues, capitalize on opportunities, and most importantly manage our amazing fanbase.

Click on the picture below to see other Cleveland Metal bands who are expertly managing their online and regional presence with Reverb. This board features a compilation of Cleveland metal bands on the top of the charts for artist social networking tool “ReverbNation” at the beginning of quarter one in 2013. I plan to update this list quarterly and it just so happens this first round features both Thunder God and WRETCH.

Top 5 Cleveland Metallers via ReverbNation 

Check out the our pals in Deadiron gettin’ silly and having fun. A very short cameo by yours truly at the 2:51 mark. Deadiron and Friends 4 (by DEADIRONvideos)

Thunder God/Something Involving a Monkey/Winterhymn/Deadiron – Live Show at the Grog Shop in Cleveland Heights, OH

Jason of Metal Fuzz, a newly acquired ally, took the time to attend this show and then kindly reviewed the performances! One of my favorite quotes:

These guys perform well-crafted songs with a heavy thrash influence and the occasional Iron Maiden “gallop” rearing its head.

Thunder God/Something Involving a Monkey/Winterhymn/Deadiron – Live Show at the Grog Shop in Cleveland Heights, OH

Framus Dragon Top

Recently an old pal asked me some questions about re-covering a “once loved” Framus Dragon Top. Of course I was happy to give him some answers and I would be happy to lend a hand doing it (especially if that means getting to play test this one m/). With three independent channels, each with it’s own EQ, I might be “testing” for quite some time!

Camo Master – Electric Amp

This MASTER head from Electric Amp Innovations was part of the inspiration for the recovering I did on my amp! By the way, these amps are amazing!


Wata of Boris – Orange Amplification

Wata of Boris. Orange Amplification. Heads pictured: Looks like an AD30 and likely OD120, not sure what the combo and middle head are! Can you name them?